Sample Tips

Here are a sample of photos and summarized tips from Absolute Tennis

Sample Tip #1

A strong and reliable stroke starts with establishing good balance - keeping your back reasonably straight, shoulders level, and head upright as you play the shot. (Chapter 1 - Balance)

Sample Tip #2

Good balance helps you control the racquet and push more forcefully from the ground for increased power. (Chapter 1 - Balance)

Sample Tip #3

Learn to move your arms in opposite directions and widen and narrow your stance to enhance your balance. (Chapter 1 - Balance)

Sample Tip #4

Many strokes involve grounding one leg for stability and pivoting the other leg for balance. (Chapter 1 - Balance)

Sample Tip #5

The kinetic chain reimagines the body as a system of chain links, whereby the energy generated by the legs is transferred and increased up the body, culminating in an end point power surge. (Chapter 2 - Kinetic Chain)

Sample Tip #6

Using the kinetic chain correctly improves stroke power and consistency and reduces stress on the body. (Chapter 2 - Kinetic Chain)